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"...the most warm and caring teacher and the consummate professional!"
"My daughter has been coached by Frances Welter for the past four years. During this time, Frances has prepared her for the role of Puck which she auditioned for and won, in addition to two National XBOX commercials. Frances is the most warm and caring teacher and the consummate professional. Her wealth of knowledge has helped us understand the nature of the entertainment business. Frances has been incredibly supportive to Madeline in all aspects of acting and we don't know what we'd do without her."- Cayla Schneider
"I would highly recommend her!"
"Ms. Frances is an exceptional acting instructor. My daughter, Wendi, absolutely adores her. She provides constructive criticism which helps improve their personal and acting skills. Sometimes the kids can get a little bit rambunctious, but Ms. Frances has an extreme amount of patience and professionalism. We are truly blessed to have met Ms. Frances and to continue working with her on improving Wendi's acting skills. We've been to several acting studios, but continue returning...because they treat each student as individuals while praising all of them for their efforts."- Camilla Motte
“Frances is a great acting coach. I have sent my sons to her for training and I feel they have gained a lot from her instruction. She is patient and very knowledgeable about her craft. I would highly recommend her.” - Brad Sniderman
"...Patience and Professionalism"
“Frances is an amazing actress and teacher. Her heart is as huge as her talent, and when I worked with her on a film, the set just was better when she was there. She's a total class act and I recommend her highly.” - Barbara Niven (Actress, Speaker and Colleague, www.BarbaraNiven.com)
"...an amazing actress and teacher!"
"with Frances, they have both landed...top 20 agencies in Los Angeles!"
"LOVE Ms. Frances! What makes her such a superb acting coach is of course her immense knowledge and decades of continued hands on experience, but the way she works with the kids is magical! She has fun with them. The kids are challenged and learn from her insight and critiques, but she just knows how to work with them in such a way that they have such a great time while honing their craft. And I, as a parent in the business, was elated to find how approachable she was with me. Her desire to really want to help my son and daughter succeed was evident with her private coaching sessions as as we worked on audition monologues, headshots, resumes and casting advice, She's a treasure that never fails to reward us often with her teaching and feedback! And with their continued work with Frances, they have landed an exclusive contract with one of the top 20 agencies in Los Angeles! I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for my children as they are challenged by Frances with her work ethic and professionalism, all while having fun with her nurturing and self -esteem building ways. THANK YOU Ms. Frances!" - 
Angelique Goitia-Daugherty
"...Astonishing Talent"
""Frances brings astonishing talent, bedrock professionalism and overarching humanity to her every role. In short, she is a joy to work with." - Sam Auster
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Congratulations to Students 
Forrest Wheeler (Fresh Off The Boat) and Sanaii Victoria (Black-Ish) on your 
coveted television roles!
"I just wanted to take a minute to say how much we appreciate Frances Welter and how great she has been in teaching my kid's in acting class. She was very kind and patient with the kid's and her teaching is great. Both Alexandra & Cristian has been featured in films and commercials, music video's and more. We really appreciate you Frances Welter thanks for everything." - Derrick Fagins
"...Kind and Patient...We Really Appreciate You!"
Actor Alec Baldwin, Carol Ault, Andy Garcia, Wendy Malik, NBA's Mitch Richmond, Disney's Brittany, Macklemore, and Angie Harmon, to name a few...